Strategic Planning Communities

Led by Vice Provost Carol E. Henderson, a comprehensive diversity strategic planning process is underway, with seven Strategic Planning Communities at work.

Please take the time to read the DEI Strategic Planning Report and offer comment. Only in this way can we craft a way forward that works for us all. Your input is vital and your feedback is anonymous.

DEI Strategic Planning Report

Graduate and Professional Students

Crescent Alcid and Eman Hijab, co-chairs
Amanda Marie James, Graduate School, Ex-officio


Jasmine Miller-Kleinhenz and Yamileth Rodriguez, Co-chairs
Amanda Marie James, Graduate School, Ex-officio

Undergraduate Students

Malcolm J. Robinson and Candice M. Williams, Co-chairs


Tim Holbrook and Giacomo Negro, Co-chairs


Sabrina Burnett and Teresa Fosque, Co-chairs


Isabel Garcia 99L and Munir Meghjani 08Ox 10C, Co-chairs

Civic and Community Partners

Alan Anderson and Ciannat Howett, Co-chairs